Upcoming Aroma Therapy Health Association Meetings/Classes and Events:


Please note:

**** All class participants are required to join the Aromatherapy Health Association (AHA).  Visit or plan to arrive early to join prior to the start of class.  If you have questions call Sally @ 713-412-8726 ****

**** You must RSVP for all classes because classes are limited in size, and instructors must be able to contact all attendees in the event of unexpected cancellation.

**** Raindrop and Vita Flex  classes require short nails. ****

**** The classes listed are for personal use and education only.  If you are interested in becoming certified, please call Sally @713-412-8726 for information on the certification process. ****

 ****Sally Shultis:  Young Living Silver member #902322****

Please visit        for more Young Living information. 


 *** For more information please contact Sally @ 713-412-8726








 *** More classes will be announced soon***


**Check out this clip from a recent Neuro-aricular Technique class, starring Sophie and Clyde, our willing Doberman demonstrators:



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